Pegasus News Announces Entry into Review Industry

Pegasus News, an entity separate from The Dallas Morning News, Inc. since February of 2014, is excited to announce a stake in a product review company located in Clinton Township, MI.

David Branson, Chief Executive Officer of Pegasus News, commented, “Our long-term vision for Pegasus News is pursuing projects that are both high growth and scaleable. The business that the founders of the product and service company that we have acquired a minority stake in have built a platform that disrupts the once murky product and service review industry. Historically, there was no way to ensure that the product and service reviews that you were reading were published by shady affiliate marketers ranking products above others as a result of a higher commission structure, or because the product or service was superior. I am very much looking forward to working with the current founder of the business and working in close partnership with the rest of the team to ensure that the platform paves the way for the product and service review industry. The first step will be to increase the size of the team to ensure that more products and services can be reviewed. Current publications include their GhostBed review, Nectar mattress review, Casper mattress review, and Leesa mattress review. We hope to, before the end of the fiscal year, to expand to more products and services in the home goods industry, as well as higher end products like electronics and services like insurance.”

Santhosh Kumar, Chief Product Officer and Chairman of the Board of Pegasus News, added, “We will work closely with the existing team and not only keep all positions, but also employ new talent. Using sophisticated algorithms and consumer behavior modeling, we will increase the scope of the products and services reviewed by the platform while ensuring efficiency in our content marketing department.”